Pennsylvanian Picked to Send Gift Qur’an to President Obama

Washington, DC: CAIR has announced that Dr. Rafi Punekar of Pennsylvania has been selected to have a gift Qur’an sent in his name to President Obama through the “ Share the Qur’an” initiative. Dr. Punekar was one of the hundreds of people who sponsored a Qur’an for American leaders during the recent convention of the Islamic Society of North America ( ISNA) in Washington, DC.

Darlene May, a lecturer at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, was also selected to have a gift Qur’an sent in her name to Vice President Biden. When informed of her selection, May thanked CAIR for taking the initiative to “build understanding and respect” between American Muslims and people of other faiths.

Naima Salim of Maryland was selected to have a gift Qur’an sent to the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

In just one week since the launch of CAIR’s “Share the Quran” initiative, more than 1,000 Qur’ans have been sponsored and are being shipped nationwide.

SEE VIDEO: Qur’ans Being Packaged and Shipped

“We thank all those who have responded so enthusiastically to the ‘Share the Quran’ campaign and urge everyone concerned about enhancing understanding of Islam to sponsor a Qur’an for elected officials and other leaders in their local area,” said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad. “Only education will dispel stereotypes and misinformation about Islam and Muslims.”

The “Share the Quran” initiative aims to distribute free copies of the Qur’an to 100,000 local, state and national leaders by the end of the year. The initiative was prompted by President Obama’s recent address to the Muslim world in which he quoted from the holy text and by data showing that anti-Muslim prejudice decreases as understanding of Islam increases. [According to CAIR public opinion surveys, only two percent of Americans say they are “very knowledgeable” about Islam.]

CAIR is asking Muslims to sponsor the distribution of copies of the Qur’ans to governors, state attorney generals, educators, law enforcement officials, state and national legislators, local elected and public officials, media professionals, and other local or national leaders who shape public opinion or determine policy.

The copies of the Qur’an sponsored by Muslims and delivered to American leaders will include a bookmark guide to the verses cited by the president and to references related to topics such as women’s rights, social justice, respect for other faiths, and similar issues related to international events.


1. Sponsor one or more Qur’ans by going to the “Share the Quran” campaign web site ( and encourage others to do the same. Sponsorships and donations to CAIR are tax deductible and zakat eligible. All sponsors receive a CAIR membership.

2. Organize an event in your mosque during which you will share a Qur’an with elected officials, law enforcement authorities and other community leaders. CONTACT:

3. Share information about the “Share the Quran” initiative with friends, relatives and colleagues through e-mail lists, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

4. Encourage opinion leaders and policymakers you know to request a free Qur’an at:

5. Donate to the “Share the Quran” campaign by clicking here. To donate offline or to inquire about the project, click here. PLEASE POST, COPY AND DISTRIBUTE.



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