Sacramento Muslim Singles for Marriage Event on August 15


The Sacramento Area League of Associated Muslims ( SALAM) will be holding an event

to bring together Muslim singles on Saturday, August 15. A SALAM press release states: “The mission of this event is to provide a safe, friendly and halaal platform for our Single Muslims to meet other Muslim singles with the intention of marriage.”

To pre-register (the deadline is August 10) or to just obtain event information please visit the website  or call 916-979-1933 (Daytime)/ 916-739-0999 (Evenings).

This program is hosted by the SALAM Matrimonial Services Task Force which has become another important service provided by this unique Islamic organization described on its website as “SALAM is a mosque, a community center, an elementary school, a preschool, a weekend school, an educational institution and a place of spiritual uplifting and personal development. SALAM strives to present the true peaceful essence of the message of Islam, and to promote moderation, community service and inter-religious dialogue to build a better society.”  

Online registration is available to Muslim singles at: and we hope to see you there.



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