Adnan Khan Meets Nancy Pelosi

Adnan Khan with Nancy Pelosi

Washington , DC: COPAA President Adnan Khan met Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, on June 10 to discuss US-Pakistan relations and the present crisis of internally displaced persons in Pakistan following the army operation against militants.

Speaker Pelosi informed the COPAA President that she was fully aware of the issues facing Pakistan and its people. She apprised him that the Pakistan Aid Package would be approved by the United States Congress the next day.

COPAA would like to thank the US House of Representatives and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for approving the bill on June 11th, 2009, and for providing Pakistan $1.5 billion annually in aid till 2013. The House last Thursday voted 238-183 to triple the US annual aid to Pakistan, says a COPAA press release. It adds:

“The House measure is designed to strengthen Pakistan’s democratic institutions, judicial and education systems, and to funnel assistance to agriculture and rural development as well as to support access to education and development for women.

“COPAA will continue to lobby United States lawmakers for their continued support for Pakistan and its people.

“COPAA Board will hold Friday prayers at the United States Capital building along with Muslim members of the United States Congress in July. We invite anyone who would like to join us for the Friday namaz (date to be an nounced).”


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