Pakistani-Cornell Girl Continues as High Achiever
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Sana Ahmad, 22, an outstanding student of the Cornell University who has now received her Master’s degree in Engineering, was interviewed June 14 by the Asian Broadcasting Network, Chicago. Dr. Mujahid Ghazi, founder and proprietor of the broadcasting system, who conducted the interview, was intrigued by Sana’s achievements years ahead of the normal age for the qualifications, her choice of Mechanical Engineering, a male-dominated field, her ability to adjust to the American milieu on arrival as a teenager in this land, and the system followed by her to remain a high-achiever during her entire academic career.

Sana informed Dr. Ghazi that she was always interested in Maths and Mechanical Engineering offered her an abundant opportunity to pursue her interest. Of course, it is a male-dominated field but she felt no discrimination either as a student or as an employee now with ExxonMobile. She said she could have become a doctor like many Pakistani girls, but she would have not had the same passion for her work or the same intensity of job satisfaction. Her parents, she said, respected her choice and always encouraged her.

Her advice to young students: find out as early as you can, your inherent interest and remain focused on it.

At the time of her graduation in May last year, she was ranked by the Cornell Chronicle as one of “the twenty most dynamic graduates the year.” Also, she was on Engineering Dean’s list for outstanding academic performance.

A precocious scholar, Sana had already gone half way through for her Master’s degree when she graduated and joined ExxonMobile, Houston, as a mechanical engineer. She received her couching through the Internet while working full time with Exxon.

Earlier this year, she was sent by the company along with some other engineers to Norway to select equipment for the undersea oil exploration and extraction project. She is engaged on it.

Her alma mater, 140-year-old Ivy League university is regarded as an innovative force in higher education and is often ranked among the top 10 universities of the world.

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