A Successful First Step in Building Relationship with US Lawmakers

A view of the historic day at the Hill on February 26, 2009

Washington, DC: A PAL-C received from Taha A. Gaya, Executive Director, Pakistani American Leadership Center (PAL-C), states: The Pakistani American Leadership Center (PAL-C) would like to congratulate our organizational partners (see full list below) and especially the Pakistani American community on coming together from every corner of this great nation of the United States of America to join PAL-C here in Washington, DC and to speak with a single, strong and unified voice to tell our US legislators, " We are Pakistani Americans. We live and work in your districts, we spend in your districts, we create jobs in your districts, we provide free healthcare services in your districts, and we contribute to your political campaigns .

Today, we come to you as Pakistani Americans with the best interests of America in our hearts but also of Pakistan and we ask you to support the Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act (aka the Kerry-Lugar Bill) that will triple economic aid to Pakistan.

“We ask you to do this not just because it is the right thing to do, but because it is the best thing to do for the National Security of America and for people of Pakistan so that we give them real hope and real jobs and tell them: the people of America are with you and that they will continue to stand with you during this fight against terrorism and after it when you are rebuilding what they have destroyed.

“We recognize that you are our partner in this fight, and that you are an equal partner , and we will continue to trust you and extend to you our hand of friendship and support."

On February 26, 2009, we - the Pakistani American community - delivered this message and we were welcomed with open arms by over 14 US Senators and 42 Representatives in public speeches and in closed door meetings.

PAL-C Founding Director Mr. Mossadaq Chughtai commented,   "This Day represents a milestone for the Pakistani American community and for the US-Pakistan relationship. Today we made the first real steps as a community to stand up as Pakistani-Americans for America and for Pakistan and to deliver on the promise of the potential that we have had for so long.

“We did it by coming together and politically engaging our leaders and I hope that our community will only increase our political activism now that we understand the process and have been warmly welcomed by our US legislators. Today was a great day but we need to ensure that this work continues tomorrow, and the day after, and the month after, and the year after."

 PAL-C would like to extend a special and warm thank-you to all of our organizational partners which included:

Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America (APPNA),
Pakistani American Public Affairs Committee (PAKPAC),
Pakistani American Congress (PAC),
Association of Pakistani Professionals (AOPP),
Association of Pakistani Scientists and Engineers of North America (APSENA),
Council of Pakistan American Affairs (COPAA ),
Pakistan American Chamber of Commerce Council (PACCC),
Friends of Pakistan (FOP),
The Pakistani American Council of Texas (PACT),
Pakistani American Association of Connecticut (PAACT), and
North American Pakistani Association (NAPA)

However, our most humble and sincere thanks are reserved for you, the Pakistani-American community, the PAL-C message concludes.



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