Canadian PM Greets Hussain Rokerya


Hussain Rokerya, a well-known community activist, was sent a personal birthday greetings message on his 71st birthday this week by the Prime Minster of Canada Stephen Harper and his wife Lauren.

The Prime Minister’s letter of felicitations stated:

“Laureen and I are delighted to offer you our warmest greetings on the occasion of your seventieth birthday.

“It is our hope that this special day will evoke many cherished memories and fill you with great happiness.”
Hussain rendered meritorious services to the Pakistani community in Canada. He migrated to Canada in 1955 and successfully completed his higher post-graduate studies in Montreal . He was a pioneer and a founding member of Pakistan Canada Association, Pakistan Quebec Association, Quebec Memon Association, Islamic Center of Quebec & Muslim cemetery Montreal.
Hussain received the greetings from the Canadian Prime Minister in appreciation
of his true spirit of Pakistani Canadianism.




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