Peace For Pakistan Rally on May 30 at LA City Hall

An email received from a group of Pakistani Americans states: Pakistan has survived many setbacks in its short history and very sadly is going through another turbulent period with the onslaught of Taliban extremism.

Besides being the cradle of one of the oldest civilizations of the world and a land of picturesque beauty, Pakistan is a nation of generous, hospitable and hardworking people most of whom follow a moderate and tolerant path but are unduly affected by the current crisis.

The majority of us want peace and progress to be restored in Pakistan and its surrounding regions. We as Pakistani Americans  would like to voice our opposition to extremism and show our solidarity with the people of Pakistan, its government, and its troops in this struggle to restore peace with the hope  and desire to regain its past glory and set it back on the path of progress.

Come join us on Saturday, May 30th at the South Lawn of City Hall, at 12 noon to show our support for the Pakistani people. Please bring all your family and friends to make this a successful declaration  of our unity and concern  for the welfare of Pakistan. Let us make our opinions heard.

Paid parking is available directly across the street from 201 N. Los Angeles Street. We request you to please be punctual, and please forward this e-mail to your fellow community members.

(Address of City Hall: 200 North Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA)



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