The ‘Best Ever’ Entertainment Show in Los Angeles
A Pakistan Link Report
Pictures by Faiz Ahmed

May 10, 2009 was to be celebrated as “Aek Sham Alamgir Kae Naam” at the Sheraton Cerritos. It did turn out to be a memorable ‘sham’.

But to say that the enlivening show simply lived up to popular expectations would be a gross understatement.

The overflowing Pakistani-American community in the glittering Sheraton banquet hall that evening was unanimous in its view that the show was the ‘best ever’ organized in the city of Los Angeles and would be remembered for its entrancing performances for a long, long time to come. They enjoyed every moment of it and left the hall in a state of rare jollity and merriment.

The show was organized jointly by Pakistan Link and Safeer e Pakistan to raise funds for the ailing Pakistani pop singing legend - Alamgir. They were ably assisted in the noble undertaking by Jamal Khwaja of JFK, Yusuf Ebrahim (YKKB) and Samir Moosani, three remarkable young men full of verve and zest. The crowd was no less enterprising that evening.

Clapping spontaneously, it rose spiritedly to give a standing ovation to the accomplished singer. Visibly moved by the warm-hearted welcome, Alamgir bravely fought tears and gasped for breath as he sang many memorable songs. The show of affection for the singer and his due acknowledgement of the emotional outpouring were all too evident.

Alamgir was not alone in giving a memorable performance that evening. Bushra Ansari and Behroz Sabzwari from Pakistan and Saima Khan from Canada had especially flown to entertain the crowd. And though their speeches were brief, the two organizers – Mr. Arif Mansuri and Mr. Waqar Ali Khan of Pakistan Link and Safeer e Pakistan respectively - made interesting observations and gave a good account of themselves as gracious hosts.

The donations for the Alamgir fund furnished fresh proof that the West Coast Pakistani-American community consists of big-hearted individuals who are generous as well as compassionate.



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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