Buddy Reunion Turns out to Be a Memorable Event
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Pictures by Anwar Khawaja and Faiz Ahmed

The buddies and their families had a lot to rejoice and recollect on the memorable evening

Prominent members of the community got together on October 25 to attend a ‘Buddy Reunion’ – a lively meeting of Pakistanis who came to the US about forty years back in search of opportunities and education.

There was a lot to talk about, to recall and rejoice, and to reminisce over the experiences and successes of the last four decades. Said Syed Mahmood Ahmed: Most probably majority of the people who came to America on a later date do not know how our old buddies went through hardships to earn a living and pursue their education. How they had fun together, cooked together, rode together, washed dishes together, picked trash together, supported one another, cared for each other, pulled the leg of each other and so on and so forth. Though, we were not well off financially in those days, we do consider that period as our “golden days.” Don’t you agree?

… With the grace and help of Allah (swt) and our determination we succeeded in our goals. Masha Allah, today our buddies are in higher-level positions as doctors, engineers, scientists, bankers, accountants, managers, and CEOs.

My prayers are with all buddies for their sincerity, friendship, respect, caring and sharing. May Allah (swt) bestow His Mercy and Guidance upon us, our wives and our children.

The Buddy Reunion was a heart-warming event, truly, a memorable one, thanks to the zest and initiative of Bashir A. Mahar, Hamid Malik, Syed Mahmood Ahmed and many more enterprising buddies.



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