Southern California Edison Offers Free Appliances, Services


With cooler temperatures settling in as winter approaches, many local residents will begin to increase their use of appliances that heat their homes. However, the combination of higher electricity demands and the use of inefficient appliances can lead to an increase in customers’ electricity bills. And in these tough economic times, every cent saved counts.

That is why Southern California Edison (SCE) encourages customers who meet income qualifications to enroll in SCE’s Energy Management Assistance (EMA) program. The program provides free energy-efficient appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners, as well as lighting, weatherization services, and other energy efficiency measures to help save energy, money, and the environment for SCE’s income-qualified renters and homeowners.

“We know higher energy costs in the winter are especially difficult for those who have had a drop in income,” said Linda Yamauchi, manager of SCE’s Consumer Affairs. “Buying a new, energy-efficient appliance may be last on their list of priorities. We want people to know that we’re here for them and that we have programs and services that can help.”

Just in time for winter, qualifying SCE customers can apply for the following appliances and services:


Weatherization Services

A qualified customer with electric space heating may be eligible to receive free weatherization services, which means that SCE makes repairs or improvements that help keep a home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Please Note: Customers with natural gas space heating should contact their local natural gas provider for weatherization services.


Lighting Measures

  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), which use up to 70% less energy than ordinary incandescent bulbs and last 7 to 8 times longer.
  • Replacement of outdoor fixtures with CFLs may also be provided.
  • A qualified customer who has a working incandescent or halogen torchiere may receive a replacement energy-efficient torchiere.

Refrigerator Replacement

A qualified customer who has a working electric refrigerator that was manufactured before 1993 and at least 10 cubic feet in size may receive a free replacement that will use much less energy than the old model.

To qualify for EMA services a SCE customer must meet program eligibility requirements, including the installation requirements for each service and meet the following income guidelines:




SCE will verify the customer’s eligibility and will assess the home for all eligible free services and appliances. In addition, SCE may inspect the home to ensure that the services and new appliance(s) work properly. Homeowners must show proof of ownership, and renters must obtain written consent from the apartment owner.

EMA is available year-round to all SCE customers who qualify. For more information regarding enrollment and guidelines, call 1-800-736-4777 or visit .



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