Nasreen Haroon Attends Iftar Party Hosted by Hillary Clinton
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US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is seen with artist Nasreen Haroon,
Cultural Envoy representing the United States


On Tuesday, September 15, 2009 Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton hosted an Iftar dinner to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan in the Benjamin Franklin Room at the US Department of State, Washington, DC. She is seen above with artist Nasreen Haroon, Cultural Envoy of the United States. In her speech on the occasion, Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton remarked, “ The values of Islam – charity, community, cooperation compassion – are values which we hold dear as Americans and which have contributed so much to American culture.

“In 1996, my husband and I were privileged to host the first ever White House Eid

celebration, which has now become a tradition. And this year, I hosted an Iftar at the

State Department, with Muslims and non-Muslims attending. We hope that reinforces

every year that all faiths have a home here in the United States.”


According to Nasreen Haroon, the Iftar evening at the State Department was

“an amazing evening, executed to perfection. It was great to share this event with other

American Muslims who are all pioneers in their own right pursuing their passions,

combined with the staff of the Department of State, and dignitaries from around the

world. In my mind it reinforced President Obama’s commitment for a new beginning

with Muslims around the world, based on mutual interest and mutual respect.”

A well-known American artist with Muslim roots, Nasreen Haroon represents the United

States as a Cultural Envoy in various countries around the world, offering master’s classes

to students and showcasing her art at exhibitions.



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