Pakistan Link-Indus TV Partnership Ushers a Special Eid for Kids
A Pakistan Link Report

A memorable day for kids at the Anaheim Convention Center on September 20


For young kids who came to the Anaheim Convention Center on September 20 to offer Eid prayers the day presented a pleasant surprise. As they walked out of the spacious hall after duly exchanging post-namaz Eid Mubarak greetings with their elders,  they were greeted with a smile and presented attractive toys by a sweet tempered gentleman, his kind wife, their seven-year-old  child, a cheerful bearded individual and another overly courageous gentleman in a wheel chair who confidently beamed a broad, infectious smile while handing over toys.

The children had heard Mr. Arif Mansuri minutes before the congregation stood shoulder to shoulder to offer the Eid prayers about the surprise that lay in store for them. With his characteristic winsome mannerism, Mansuri, owner of Pakistan Link, profusely thanked the Islamic Society of Orange County officials - Dr Muzammil Siddiqi, Javed Nawaz, Ismail Majoo,  Alam Akhtar, Shaukat Chohan. Asif Syed et al. – for granting him the opportunity to address the gathering. The occasion was propitiously timed to announce the Pakistan Link-Indus TV media partnership to better serve the community.

In particular, Mansuri thanked Dr Siddiqi who has written a weekly column for Pakistan Link for a number of years. The highly informative column deals with issues and questions that agitate the mind of many Pakistanis in the United States and furnishes the Islamic perspective on critical issues. Dr Siddiqi has already started appearing on the Indus TV and won the admiration of viewers for his erudition and scholarship.

Making their way to the Pakistan Link stall, the kids were jubilant to see the wide range of toys that they could choose from. They indicated their choice to Mrs Debbie Mansuri, Jasmyn Mansuri, Asif Syed and Farooq Memon. Sabrina Syed, a young student, lent them a helping hand. Arif Mansuri was close at hand with a copy of Pakistan and Urdu Link and an announcement about the Pakistan Link-Indus TV partnership.

The Pakistan Link owner has resolved to make the distribution of toys to children on the occasion of Eid a regular feature of the annual celebrations.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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