Dr Islam Siddiqi Appointed to Top Us Government Position 
By Kaleem Kawaja

Five million American Muslims and 140 million Indian Muslins felt a sense of joy September 24 when US President Obama appointed a distinguished member of their community to a top executive position in the US Government.  The President appointed Dr Islam Siddiqi, a distinguished scientist in the field of agriculture and biotechnology, as the chief of the Agriculture Division in the US Trade Office.  
In this position Dr Siddiqi will represent US in very wide-ranging policy development, implementation and trade development matters and will head critical negotiations with a very large number of countries that directly affect the US economy, deficit and trade.  He will have a unique opportunity to improve US international political and economic relations with the developing world where agriculture and biotechnology are a major industry.  As such Dr Siddiqi is now the highest ranking Muslim to hold a senior executive position in the US Government.
 On behalf of the American Muslim and Indian Muslim communities, Association of Indian Muslims of America (AIM) feels great sense of  pride at the accomplishment and achievement of Dr Siddiqi and congratulates him.  AIM also wishes Dr Siddiqi much success in his new position.  Dr Siddiqi has consistently been a high achiever, having been the highest ranking Indian-American in the earlier administration of President Bill Clinton. AIM wishes to point out that throughout his career Dr Siddiqi has consistently helped a variety of Indian Muslim and American Muslim organizations with active support.  Indeed Dr Siddiqi is a role model for the Muslim community at large.



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