Pakistani Americans Support Clinton's Global Initiative
By Dr Sattar Abbasi
Pictures by Faiz Ahmed

President Clinton with members of the Pakistani-American community at the residence of Dr. Asif Chaudhry


Los Angeles , CA : President Clinton met with leaders of the Pakistani-American community on Sunday, October 4 to solicit support for his Global Initiative which has touched millions of lives around the world.

The event was hosted by Dr. Asif Mahmood Chuadhry at his residence in Bradbury.

In his speech, the former US President said, " Pakistan is an important American ally and the stability of Pakistan is essential to the peace in the region and abroad.” He added that he and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, had discussed issues confronting Pakistan and were committed to help.

The individuals who had face to face talk with President Clinton

were Pervaiz Lodhie, Najeeb Ghauri, Shoaib Kothawala,and Dr. Sattar

Abbasi. The four are members of the Board of Directors of the National Commission of Human Development which is the leading public/private project for primary education and basic health in Pakistan.

Dr. Asghar Husain and his wife Leslie Marshall, who has her radio show, gave their views about obesity and diabetes epidemic. Miss Mahrukh Tabatabai talked about human rights in Pakistan. Among other guests present on the occasion were US Congresswoman Judy Chu; Pakistan Consul General Syed Ibne Abbas; Sheriff Le Baca; Aisha Ghauri, Chairperson of American Fund for Human Development; Adnan Khan and Hamid Malik of COPAA; Tahir Andrabi; Dr. and Mrs. Adil Farooqui; Dr. and Mrs. Salman Naqvi; Dr. Nadeem Kazi, past Presidnet of APPNA; Drs. Aliya Ali and Seema Hasan.



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