Shakil Yousufi Grieved


Mr Latif Yar Khan Yousufi, father of Mr Shakil Yousufi, former Editor of Urdu Link, expired in Karachi last Thursday. Inna lillahae wa inna ilaehae rajaeoon. He is survived by a wife, six daughters and five sons.

The late Latif Yar Khan Yousufi, who was 86, practiced hikmat and was an associate of Hakim Mohammad Saeed of Hamdard Foundation Pakistan. He was loved and respected by all and sundry for his affable nature and helpful disposition.

May his soul rest in peace and God grant the bereaved family courage and fortitude to bear the loss. (Ameen).

Those desirous of expressing condolence with Mr Shakil Yousufi can contact him at 714 573 9596.


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