TV-Desi Displays Strong & Steadfast Foothold in Marketplace


Plainview, NY: TV-Desi, a subsidiary of NeuLion, Inc. (TSX:NLN) and the leading provider of broadband services of South Asian programming, gives viewers in North America the reliability of service and broadest range of popular television channels. It is a well-established, reliable company that delivers a dedicated South Asian television service. Using IPTV technology, TV-Desi does not rely on cable or satellite and viewers have worldwide access to content. TV-Desi offers the most complete online television experience with the ability to best serve the Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi markets.

TV-Desi comes to the marketplace through leading technology provider NeuLion. As an end-to-end turnkey service, NeuLion is the backbone of both the online and set-top-box services for TV-Desi and a number of other international partners. NeuLion delivers 267 TV channels and 30,000+ hours VOD over 40 languages to 20 ethnic clients.

Backed by the stewardship of Charles B. Wang, founder of Computer Associates and Chairman of NeuLion, TV-Desi maintains a strong position in the marketplace.

Chief Executive of International Business, Tracy Thompson-West is responsible for all aspects of TV-Desi’s international business affairs and defines the company’s overall direction. With nearly two decades of career experience in the US and European satellite television industries, Thompson-West holds a successful track record in the industry receiving numerous awards and accolades for outstanding achievement and distinguished leadership.

SET Asia’s Executive Vice President of International Business, Rajan Singh commented, “Sony Entertainment Television Asia was established to provide the public access to first class entertainment. Aligned to our goal, is TV-Desi, who only recently arrived on the market. In light of this, TV-Desi is proving to be a leader in the IPTV service space as legal providers. I am confident working with TV-Desi will bring new change to the industry, furthermore continue to provide our viewers only the best.”

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