Shaikh Majeed Grieved


Shaikh  Amjad Ahmed, father of Shaikh Majeed, Director Outside Sales, Pakistan Link, passed away peacefully on October 21, 2009 at 9 AM. Inna Lillahae wa inna lillahae rajoon. He was 92.

He is survived by wife Shahjahan, two sons, two daughters and four grandchildren.

The late Shaikh  Amjad Ahmed served in the Royal British Army and fought on the Burma front in the Second World War. He had a business in Pakistan and came to the USA in 1988 to live with his son Shaikh Majeed.

He has been very sick for the last five years. Please pray for his Maghfarah. May Allah give him the highest level in Jannat.

Pakistan Link fully shares the grief of Shaikh Majeed. May the departed soul rest in peace and God grant the bereaved family courage and fortitude to bear the loss. (Ameen)

Those who wish to express condolence with Mr. Majeed can contact him at 562 765 6770



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