Manzoor Ahmad Tariq to Serve as President APPNA in 2011


Chicago , IL : Manzoor Ahmad Tariq, MD, has been elected as the President-Elect 2010 of the Association of Physicians of Pakistani-Descent of North America (APPNA). Dr. Tariq is an interventional cardiologist from St. Louis, Missouri as well as a recipient of several prestigious cardiology fellowships, including FACC, FSCAI, FACP, and FCCP.

Dr. Tariq, who hails from the Vehari District of Pakistan, obtained his MBBS Degree from Quaid-i-Azam Medical College in Bahawalpur, Pakistan. He then went on to do his Internal Medicine Residency training in St. Louis, Missouri, followed by his Interventional Cardiology Fellowship in St. Louis and at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He has resided in St. Louis with his family since 1988.

Dr. Tariq is well known in the Greater St. Louis community for his many contributions, in particular to the Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis. He served as the Chairman of the Fundraising Committee for a project that included construction of a new school, library, gymnasium, and community center. Manzoor managed to raise over $3.5 million for his community and their project. He is also involved in helping establish APPNA Free Clinics in St. Louis to provide healthcare to those in need and unable to afford medical treatment.

Dr. Manzoor Tariq established QAMCAANA, an alumni association for his alma mater Quaid-I-Azam Medical College. Manzoor is the Founder and First President of QAMCAANA. Through his alumni, Manzoor helped establish 50 annual scholarships for students at QMC, donate computers, and train physicians in the area. Dr. Tariq made history by performing the first ever balloon angioplasty and stent at Bahawal Victoria Hospital. He has helped train cardiologists at QMC and provided the Chief of Cardiology with special cardiac training in the USA. Not only does Manzoor give back to his community and alma mater, he has also been donating cardiac catheters, balloon angioplasty catheters, stents, and other cardiac equipment to several medical facilities throughout Pakistan, including the Punjab Institute of Cardiology.

The St. Louis Chapter of APPNA was established with the help of Dr. Manzoor Tariq as a founding member. He has served APPNA STL as the Treasurer, Secretary, and President. In 2007, APPNA had its Spring Meeting in St. Louis, of which Manzoor was Chairman of the Host Committee. He broke a record by hosting the most profitable quarterly meeting in APPNA’s history. During this meeting, he proudly unveiled the new APPNA Membership Resource Directory, containing over 12,000 listings of Pakistani physicians. This directory was a long overdue project and is a valuable source to all Pakistani physicians.

Dr. Manzoor Tariq is looking forward to serving APPNA as President and aspires to make significant progress during his term. The platform for his campaign was uniting APPNA and a promise of positive progress. For those unfamiliar with APPNA, it is the largest democratic organization of overseas Pakistanis and represents an estimated 15,000 Pakistani physicians residing in North America. Dr. Manzoor Tariq hopes to help APPNA flourish by increasing activity of the organization as well as increasing membership. He is focused on the Young Physician’s Program which helps Pakistani medical school graduates in obtaining visas and residency training programs in America. His visions for APPNA are boundless, and also include establishing several Free Clinics for those in need, enhancing the MERIT Program which bolsters education in Pakistan, and eventually, to open an APPNA Hospital in Pakistan. Dr. Manzoor Tariq is grateful to the APPNA Community for electing him as President and is optimistic about accomplishing his goals.

Dr. Manzoor Tariq acknowledges his family for their love and support in all his endeavors. Dr. Tariq is married to Hamida Tariq, who has served the APPNA Alliance as Treasurer, Secretary, and President. Their eldest son, Afnan, graduated from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania with a double major in Economics and Biological Basis of Behavior. Afnan continued to complete his JD from Georgetown University’s Law School and is currently obtaining his MD. Dr. Tariq’s younger son, Shamail, graduated from an accelerated 6-year medical program at the University of Missouri Kansas City. Today, Shamail is a resident physician at the University of Texas-Southwestern in Dallas, Texas. Shamail recently wed Sanaa Khan Tariq, a practicing dentist from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Both Shamail and Sanaa are active members of APPNA. Nimra, the youngest of Manzoor’s three children, recently received her BS degree in Biology from Emory University and she is also aspiring for a career in the medical field.

Manzoor Tariq is grateful to all his friends, colleagues, and supporters who have helped him to serve APPNA as Treasurer, Secretary, and now President-Elect and President. Dr. Manzoor Tariq’s term as President will begin in 2011. The site of the Summer Meeting in 2011 will be in Dr. Tariq’s hometown of St. Louis.



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