Muslims Hold 9/11 Vigil at White House
By Matt Ackland

Samina Sundas

Washington , DC : Dozens of Muslim men and woman gathered outside the White House on Friday night for an interfaith vigil to remember the victims of September 11th.

The remembrance was called Light the Night for Peace and Friendship, and it involved Muslims joining together to mourn the victims of September 11th. The service began with opening comments, and after the sun set, the victims were honored during a Ramadan fast-breaking meal.

Samina Sundas helped organize the event, which marked the first time a large group of Muslims have gathered in front of the White House on this important anniversary.

"We must do something so that it will never happen to another family again," said Sundas. "The best thing we can do for each other is get to know so we can create peace."

Farooq Syed lost a Muslim friend in the attack. He traveled with many of his Muslim friends from Northern Virginia to be a part of this vigil.

"When 911 happened, I happened to browse through the list of the victims of 911 and he was one of the victims," Syed said. "He was a student -- a very bright young man."

Eight years ago, many Americans lashed out at those who followed the Muslim faith, blaming them all for the attacks on September 11, 2001. Since the attacks, much has been done by many Muslims to distance themselves from the radicals responsible for the attacks. Friday night's vigil was one more way to show their Muslim faith is one of kindness and love. Courtesy MATT ACKLAND/myfoxdc


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