Southern California Edison Provides Helpful Electric Safety Tips during This “National Preparedness Month”


The electricity we use each day is always actively lighting up our homes and businesses and providing us with many modern conveniences. But when electricity is mishandled it can provide a life-changing accident or fatality. Southern California Edison (SCE) wants to remind you that that electrical safety, inside or outdoors, is a serious matter.


Look around you. Electricity is everywhere. Each day, we operate appliances and machinery that are directly connected to an electrical source. You must always be mindful of situations that present safety hazards. For example, when working in the yard trimming trees and tall shrubbery, look up and around to find out where the power lines are located. Keep your tools at least 10 feet away from the power lines. And keep in mind that even at low voltages, such as the 120 volts typically powering your home or work, accidental contact with a power line or a damaged energized tool or appliance can cause serious injuries, burns and may even be fatal.

SCE recommends that you should always hire a licensed electrician to make any electrical repairs around your home or business. Do not do the work yourself! There are also many other situations that could bring you into harm’s way with electricity. For example:

  • If you live where there are underground utilities, call 811 at least two working days before you dig, even if it’s just to plant a tree. As a free service to you SCE will come to your home and mark the location of all your underground utilities.
  • Damaged electrical equipment can give a powerful shock. Either throw the damaged equipment away or have a qualified electrician make the repairs.
  • Water and electricity are a deadly combination. Keep all electrical appliances and tools far away from sinks, showers, pools and anywhere water might be present.
  • Replace all your electrical wall sockets located near water with sockets equipped with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI). They are designed to help prevent injuries by cutting off the electricity if there’s an accident.

During power outages and on windy days:

  • Stay far away from downed power lines and keep others away until help arrives. Immediately report the problem by calling 911 or SCE’s 24-hour emergency line at 800-611-1911.
  • Always have a battery-operated flashlight, and fresh extra batteries, available at all times. Never use candles during power outages.
  • During an outage, turn off all unattended electrical appliances to avoid possible hazards when your electrical service is restored.
  • If you are driving, watch for traffic signals that may be out. Approach uncontrolled intersections as four-way stops.

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