Sir Syed Day Attracts Hundreds of Aligarh Muslim University Alumni
By Dr. M. Ghazi


Chicago, IL:  The Aligarh Muslim University Alumni of Greater Chicago organized Sir Syed Day Iftar and Fundraising Dinner to help its humanitarian projects in India.

The event was attended by a large number of alumni from AMU. For a long time the AMUAA was only famous for their mushairas but recently it has emerged as a social welfare organization as well. It has undertaken quite a few educational projects in India including a girls school for the underprivileged rural population.

Famous Muslim standup comedian Azhar Usman was the keynote speaker. He passionately talked about the difference our community can make by helping the downtrodden Muslims in India. He urged the community to be generous, especially in the month of Ramadan and to remember their fellow Muslims while giving Zakat and Sadaqat.

In the end the executive board which includes Tausif Alam, Chairman, ex-president Zeba Qidwae, Prof. Shahid Siddiqi, Nargis Jahan,Rubina Khan, Anis Khan, S Sheikh  and Ateeq Ahmad sang Tarana-e-Aligarh. The program was well organized and well attended. Monty's Banquet which is owned by Dr. Quadri and Aftab Baig is getting the reputation of a designated place for fundraising of Muslim NGOs. Tausif Alam, Chairman, Board of Directors and other members of AMUAA-GC are to be commended for organizing the successful program. AMUAA_GC is organizing an International Mushaira on October 23, 2009.



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