A Surprise Wedding Anniversary Party for Los Angeles Times’ Irfan Khan
Report and pictures by Anwar Khawaja

The surprise Irfan Khan-Najama Begum 30th wedding anniversary celebrations at the Ashiana Restaurant

A surprise dinner party was held at the Ashiana Restaurant in Diamond Bar on the occasion of the 30 th wedding anniversary of Irfan Khan and Najama Begum. The party was arranged by the daughters and sons-in-law, namely, Sara, Samiya, Urooj, Mewish, Kamran Ahmed, Dost Muhammad Khan and wife Begum Najma. Dr.Talat Khan and Farha Kamal lent a helping hand in arranging the party.

All ‘conspiring’ members of the party kept it so secret that Irfan did not have the slightest inkling of what was to follow. He thought that Dr.Talat Khan, a close family friend, was throwing a party and he was one of the invitees. So he came casually dressed up in a jacket and pants. He created quite a stir when he entered the hall: every guest wanted to embrace and shake hands with him. He was astonished at the unexpected show of warmth and affection. It was at that precise moment that his wife and daughter told him that the day marked his 30 th wedding anniversary. He gracefully smiled and embraced his daughters and wife. His eyes shone with gratitude and his face became red with emotions. Most of the people from Rancho Cucamonga and Upland community attended the party.

After a sumptuous dinner a cake, featuring a picture of the wedding of Irfan and Najma 30 years ago in the center, was cut. Najama put a piece in Irfan’s mouth and he did the same.

Irfan has a charismatic and charming personality. He works for the Los Angeles Times as a photographer. Earlier, he worked for the Khaleej Times in Do Bias. He is not an ordinary photographer but a Photo Journalist who transforms ordinary news into interesting stories. He tells tales through pictures. It is a difficult art. He reveals facts and stories by combining and angling the pictures in such a way that one does not need words to understand. The highlight of his career came in the form of photographs he took of the Hajj pilgrimage in 2008 with a technique that remains unrivalled in the US to this day. The pictures were so vividly clear and life-like that not only Muslims but non-Muslims too appreciated them. He is fond of music and cricket. The liking for the two makes a kind of contrast but renders his personality more attractive and interesting.

After the cake-cutting ceremony, Irfan took the mike and thanked his wife, daughters, sons-in-law and friends for arranging the fabulous function. Concluding his remarks he said that the real paradise is under the feet of a loving wife. He is fortunate that he possesses such a wife.

The gathering urged him to sing on the occasion and he duly obliged them by singing two old but popular songs. Everyone wished the couple to have many more happy anniversaries in future.

Later, singer Tahir entertained the audience.



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