Chicago Roundup
Bohri Community Celebrates 99 th Birthday of
Syedna Burhanuddin Hassan
By Dr. Mujahid Ghazi

Children participate in ICC Urdu Program

The Bohri community celebrated the birthday of their Imam Syedna Burhanuddin Hasan enthusiastically by inviting religious, political and civic leadership to their Willowbrook Mosque. The guests included Robert Grant and Laura Feldman from FBI, Indian Consul General Ashok Kumar Atri, Pakistan Consul General Dr. Aman Rashid and other leaders of the community, including Sadruddin Noorani, Anis Paya, Saleem Shiekh, Talat Rasheed and leaders of other faith groups.

There was an exhibition of pictures of the great religious leader showing him performing Hajj and meeting leaders of the Islamic world.

Young children were seen in beautiful attire on the occasion. Amir Challisa conducted a brief session and welcomed the guests. Obai Bhai Sahib prayed for the long life of Syedna Burhanuddin Hassan and also explained how his center is actively participating in civic activities. Robert Grant also spoke briefly congratulating the community on the happy occasion.

Food was served in the traditional manner and included mint lassi and desi desert.

Illinois Muslim Action Day (IMAD)

The Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC) is a federation of Muslim organizations, mosques and schools. CIOGC is a unifying force that brings together the diverse Muslim American community in the State of Illinois. About 1200 Muslims, including students from Muslim schools from Greater Chicago, gathered in Springfield on April 22 nd to meet the legislative leaders to push the following agenda:

Healthcare and Public Health

  • Equitable Access to Healthy Food (SJR 72): Lack of access to healthy food leads to a myriad of health problems in Illinois. SJR 72 recommends the creation of an Illinois Fresh Food Fund and supports multi-sector partners to "come together to erase the disparity in nutrition between low income and high income neighborhoods".
  • Education and Nutrition Activities (SB 3706): Amends the Critical Health Problems and Comprehensive Health Education Act. Provides that the State Board of Education shall develop and maintain a nutrition and physical activity best practices database.


  • Foreclosure Prevention and Counseling (SB 3738): In 2009, the 131,132 foreclosure filing in Illinois affected 2.5 percent of housing units in the State. SB 3738 amends the Illinois Housing Development Act to authorize the Illinois Housing Authority to establish and administer a foreclosure prevention counseling program using moneys in the Foreclosure Prevention Counseling Fund.

Immigrant Human Services

  • Preserve the Immigrant Integration Services Line Item (located in the Illinois Department of Human Services Budget) which includes English, Citizenship and Vital Services for Immigrant and Refugee communities to integrate into society.
  • We Want to Learn English Initiative (WWLE) is vital in identifying innovative models to teaching English to immigrants and refugees. The goal is to provide English classes where community members congregate: churches, mosques, community organizations, workplace. In 2010 WWLE is piloting the Neighbor to Neighbor program, which connects the native born English speakers and foreign born individuals to learn English.

Dr. Zaher Sehloul and other leaders of the Muslim community addressed a packed rally. Those who spoke included Ali Kaba, Christina Adams, Safa Zarzour and Ahmed Rehab.

CIOGC leaders also addressed a press conference.


Children Participate in ICC Urdu Program

The Islamic Center of Chicago (ICC) Sunday School organized a program in Urdu in which students delivered speeches, read poems and did comedy skits. The good thing about the event was the confidence with which these children faced the audience. They read the script written in Urdu.

Mr. Warsi, Principal of the Sunday School, must be commended for his efforts. Speaking on the occasion Mr. Masood stressed the importance of learning Urdu and teaching it in schools. This scribe also commended the efforts of young children and distributed awards and certificates.


Human Rights Attorney Shafique Mohajir Visits Greater Chicago

Well-known human rights attorney Shafique Mohajir, who represented the Muslim minority in The Hyderabad Makka Masjid incident, spoke to the Muslim community in several meetings in Chicago.

He was invited by the Indian Muslim Council. He spoke at the Potter Mosque in Des Plaines and IFS Villa Park. He was also a guest at the famous talk show at 1590 AM produced by Asian Broadcasting Network. He spoke in detail on the human rights issues in India. At the talk show he was also supported by the IMC Chicago president Jawad and IMC activist Zubair.


Niles West High School’s Qur’an Study Club Raises Funds at Annual Dinner

Niles West students organized the Annual Dinner of their QS Club at the Potter Mosque. A large number of students and parents attended the event. Azam Hashmi was the keynote speaker. Students presented skits to entertain the audience. Food was donated by the Devon Avenue restaurants and food shops. Nayab Mart, Noor Meat Market, Sabri Nihari, Usmania Restaurant, J K Kabab House, Chopal Restaurant, King Sweets, Tahoora and Nirala Sweet, Naeem Pan Shop at Daata Darbar restaurant were the main sponsors. This scribe raised funds for the Club.


DMC Alumni Hold Annual Retreat in St. Louis Missouri

A three-day Annual Retreat of Dow Alumni attracted hundreds of Physicians of Pakistani heritage with their families. An international mushaira was the highlight of the inaugural session last Friday. The poets included Dr.Pirzada Qasim, Dr.Popular Merthi, Khalid Irfan, Dr. Abidullah Ghazi, Dr. Mujahid Ghazi, Itrat Hussain, Nazar Naqvi and Dr. Hafeezuddin and Farhat Shireen with many local poets. Ambassador Hussain Haqani of Pakistan was the chief guest. Consul General of Pakistan Dr. Aman Rashid was also present. Famous mushaira nazim Amin Haider conducted the proceedings along with Dr. Hafeez.

Qaisra Shahraz Visits Chicago

Famous Pakistani-British writer Qaisra Shahraz was in town recently. She came to sign her books at a local bookshop. During the visit she was a guest at the Talk Show of ABN and attended a luncheon at Sabri Nihari hosted by the Consul General of Pakistan Dr. Aman Rashid. Her books Typhoon and The Holy Women received many awards in Europe.



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