First Pakistani-American to Be Chairman of Nassau County Commission on Human Rights

On July 26, 2010, the County Executive of Nassau County, Long Island NY , Mr. Edward Mangano, made history by appointing Zahid Syed the chairman of the Nassau County Commission on Human Rights. Mr. Zahid Syed is the first Pakistani American and the first American Muslim to hold the powerful position of the Chairman of the Commission in the History of Nassau County since April 8, 1963.

In a brief statement, Mr. Syed said that any person can file a complaint with Nassau County Commission on Human Rights who believes that he or she has been discriminated against in the areas of employment, housing, public accommodation, police harassment or public nonsectarian exempt education because of actual or perceived race, creed, color, national origin, ethnicity, gender, religion, source of income, sexual orientation, age, marital status, familial status or disability within one year of the alleged unlawful discriminatory act. The Commission's geographical jurisdiction is limited to respondents located within Nassau County , New York.

Nassau County ’s vibrancy comes from the diversity of its residence; the county continues to prosper because of the culture of acceptance that exists within. However, when discrimination or intolerance appears, one must act quickly.

In the past five years the demographics of Nassau County have changed dramatically, the recent housing boom resulted in hundreds of thousands of new residents in Nassau County. The county has become a true melting pot.  Now more than ever there is greater need to protect the rights of all those who have come to call Nassau County home.
Nassau County ’s Commission on Human Rights is a vital part of the County’s public safety efforts. The Commission robustly enforces the County’s Human Rights Laws and ensures that everyone is treated equally and fairly.

“As the Chairman of the Commission of Human Rights I promise to uphold the Commission’s mandate to eliminate discrimination in employment, housing, places of public accommodation and education,” said Zahid. He added:

“ I urge all residents of Nassau County to familiarize themselves with the services that the Commission of Human Rights has to offer. Our office is located at 240 Old Country Road , 6th floor, Mineola , NY 11501 . We can also be reached via phone at (516) 571-3662 . Or email


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