Brooklyn Mela Demonstrates Community’s Love for Pakistan

Emotionally charged members of the Pakistani-American community spiritedly participate in the Brooklyn Mela

The Pakistani-American community gave a singular demonstration of its love for Pakistan when it turned out in record numbers to participate in the Brooklyn Mela. The community members appeared to be closely bonded and behaved with exemplary discipline to render meaning to the Quaid’s call for Unity, Faith and Discipline. They seemed to present the true picture of Pakistan – peaceful and sublime.

President Tahir Bhutta, Vice President Shaikh Tauqeer, General Secretary Shaikh Ashfaq, Asgar Chaudhry, Aziz Butt, Malik Nasir Awan, Tahir Bobi, Tariq Butt, Sajad Butt, Rana Manzoor and Asif Baig duly received warm applause from the crowd for their persistent efforts to organize the Mela and make it a successful event. The streets were crowded and overflowing with Pakistanis who were fully enjoying the proceedings.

Abrar Ul HAq especially flew to New York to attend the Brooklyn Mela. His performance was truly scintillating.



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
2004 . All Rights Reserved.