Pakistani-American Community Gets into High Gear
By Ras H. Siddiqui

News of the devastating floods in Pakistan spurs the community into action

The news of the devastating floods in Pakistan has once again reminded the Pakistani-American community of their historic responsibility to assist people in their homeland. California Pakistanis have woken up to a crisis-like situation, a reminder of the days during the aftermath of the 2005 Kashmir earthquake when our community left no stone unturned to help people in need back home.

Even though Independence Day festivities went along as planned here in Sacramento on July 31st. the mood has turned somewhat somber during which the email networks, Facebook, Twitter, etc. have all been running hot as people decide what they should do to help.

Once again the Downtown Muslim Mosque, possibly the oldest landmark that Pakistan-Americans have built in the United States, took the lead as close to $15,000 was collected for the flood victims. People here are also planning fundraisers or have already sent money through a number of charitable organizations to Pakistan.

Special Dua’s have also been observed during Friday prayers as Pakistanis here become aware of the extremely grim situation back in KP, Baluchistan, Punjab and Sindh. It seems that this devastation has left no province or ethnic group untouched. As one community senior pointed out, all Pakistani-Americans as a community need to do our best to help during this month of Ramdan and leave the rest to God’s mercy.

Another appeal that is being made is to not to see this huge tragedy through our political leanings because this disaster is one which all Pakistanis will need maximum unity to face. Community members would also like to extend their appreciation to the US Marines and helicopters currently assisting the Pakistan Army in rescue efforts within Pakistan.



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