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Annual Meeting of Pakistan Physician Society Attracts Large Number of Physicians . College Preparatory School of America Excels in Academic Achievements . Bhutto, the Movie, Gets Houseful Audience at Sundance Festival. Shiite Muslims Observe Muharram

 By Dr. Mujahid Ghazi


Annual Meeting of Pakistan Physician Society Attracts Large Number of Physicians


The annual meeting of the Pakistan Physician Society (PPS) was held on November 20, 2010 at the magnificent grand ball room of Donald E. Stephens Convention Center Rosemont, IL.

The program started with tilawat-e-Qur’an and translation by Nabhan Rafiq and Sami Imam. The master of ceremony was Dr. Waseem Kagzi. Zunaira Arshad, Mediha Imam and company presented the Pakistan and American national anthems. The official business meeting started with the presentation of reports by the treasurer and the secretary. It was followed by Dr Zubair Syed who announced the election results and introduced the 2011 PPS executive body to the attendees.

Dr Arif Agha, Chairman of the Board presented the 501c (3) report. Dr Anis Rauf introduced Dr Javed Imam, the President of the Society. In his Presidential address Dr Imam gave the status of the society and several projects that have been initiated, including the fund raising of about $75,000.00 for the flood victims of Pakistan which was being distributed to the needy.

Dr Imam thanked the attendees numbering about 300. Lifetime achievement and humanitarian award were presented by Dr. J. Imam on behalf of PPS executive committee to Dr. Nasir Rana and Dr Manohar Jethani respectively. Dr. Mathew Nora presented a lecture on atrial fibrillation. A scrumptious dinner and an elaborate dessert won the heart of the attendees of the night. Entertainment was provided by comedian Ayaz Khan, Aziz Warsi and famous Pakistani singer Humera Arshad.


College Preparatory School of America Excels in Academic Achievements


Speaking to a packed audience at Monty’s Banquets, Dr. Ali Niazi claimed that CPSA has excelled in all academic and extracurricular activities during the last academic year. Supported by a power point presentation and statistics he presented the impressive achievements of the school.Farhat Siddiqi, principal of the school joined him in giving the report of the school’s academic year. Mr. Sikander Saeed, President of the school board, gave details of the proposed new building for the school. He said the building is not only spacious but environment friendly.

Keynote speaker Mr. Radhwan Saleh stressed the importance of in vesting in the future of the new generation. He said America is not home away from home but should be considered as our home now. He said our future is tied with America and we should forget our old bonding and build our society as American Muslims. Earlier, the program started with a beautiful recitation of the Holy Qur’an by Abdullah Qidwai with translation by Sameed Manzoor; both are high school students of CPSA. During the fundraiser students from different grades entertained the audience with comedy skits and choruses.

Bhutto, the Movie, Gets Houseful Audience at Sundance Festival


Movie Bhutto, a one-hour-26-minutes documentary on the life of Benazir Bhutto got houseful audience in the Sundance Film Festival at Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago during last weekend. The film was produced by Arleen Sorkin, Jarik Van Sluijs, Darius Fisher and masterly directed by Johnny O Hara. It consisted of film clips and sound bites of Benazir Bhutto’s life masterly edited into a full-length documentary. Though it gave a comprehensive view of the slained leader it failed to reveal anything new.

After the first show Director O Hara took questions from the audience. He apprised the audience of the efforts made in the production of the film.

Consul General of Pakistan Zaheer Pervez Khan and his wife were also present on the occasion. Rizwan Qadir did aggressive promotion of this movie through his Pakistan Club at the University of Chicago.


Shiite Muslims Observe Muharram


Thousands of Shiite Muslims are paying respect to Hazrat Imam Hussein and his family by holding Majalis in various parts of Chicago. A majlis was held in Masoom last Wednesday. Allama Abbas Aelia spoke about the great sacrifice made

by Hazrat Imam Hussain and his family to uphold the principles of Islam. A Majlis was also held at the residence of Syed Haider in Skokie. Addressing the mourners Allama Aelia said that there is a great importance in Islam for obedience and respect to parents. He said similarly obedience to the Imam and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is also required by every Momin. Murcia Khawani and Salam were also offered at the Majalis.




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