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Plan for 2011: Once a month Breast and Heart Screening Clinics for Uninsured and Underprivileged Women in Illinois

Despite living in a nursing home with physical limitations I am trying my utmost to help uninsured and underprivileged with preventive screenings in Chicago and its Northern Suburbs through Mission Green Light. Our approach is practical and cost-effective. Yet, it is the lack of financial resources that are impeding our pathway.

Heart Clinics: Everything is lined up for our once-a-month preventive heart screening clinics in 2011. We would provide blood pressure readings, complete Lipid Profile (Cholesterol; HDL-C; LDL-C; Triglycerides plus Blood Sugar) and EKG readings by a cardiologist, if needed. Our overheads are quite low and after some good negotiations would cost us just $25 per person to provide this free service.

Breast Cancer Clinics: We have a three-level approach to assist in reducing the breast cancer mortality rate in minorities:

1. We are bringing awareness in the low-income and less-educated communities, especially of minorities to avail the free cancer screenings through Illinois Breast & Cervical Cancer Program (IBCCP). A free program available for all uninsured women of Illinois aged 35 and above.

Our own Breast Health Education Initiative is a very cost-effective way to educate younger women in breast health. Our doctors and nurse practitioners in a clinical environment provide clinical breast examinations, and at the same time train these women to conduct proper monthly self-examinations, and we also provide them reading material about the early signs of breast cancer. In certain cases, where further investigation is required, we connect these women with the Illinois Breast & Cervical Cancer Program (IBCCP).

Let’s Beat Cancer by Dancing is also an initiative of MGL to encourage women to exercise through dancing as a way to reduce their risks of breast cancer. As suggested by many studies, regular exercise can decrease the risk of breast cancer by at least 20% in women of all ages. Our Dance Meet-ups for women provide them an opportunity to dance and exercise in a safe, fun and friendly environment.

With your support of $30 you would help in providing one underprivileged and less-educated woman with clinical breast examination and heart screening and, more importantly, the awareness of living a healthy lifestyle. I urge you to kindly make a donation now. Every dollar matters in making a difference.


Rafi Munim

(847) 553 -8530



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