Benazir Bhutto Documentary at US Film Festival
By Riaz Haq


The life of Benazir Bhutto (1953-2007) is the subject of a documentary film “Bhutto” by Jessica Hernandez and Johnny O’Hara at the major independent film showcase in the mountains of Utah in the United States. The film compares the glories and tragedies of the Bhutto family with the story of the Kennedys in America.

The two-hour documentary shows her tragic story in the broader context of Pakistan’s troubled history since independence in 1947.

Fitting it in two hours “was the most difficult thing -- making sure that we are giving you an enormous amount of information,” co-director Hernandez told AFP. “And to make it entertaining was the only way to do that.”

The film captures the unusual story of success and failures, and the controversial, feudal legacy of Pakistan’s first woman prime minister, with ultra-slick editing, dynamic music and graphics, animation -- to captivate the audience. As “Bhutto” producer Duane Baughman put it, “You mention the name of Bhutto, in Pakistan especially, and you will have no shortage of people who hate her and of people who love her”.

“Her legacy will be debated for the generations to come,” Baughman said.

Here’s the link to the movie trailer:



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