Dr Arif Kazmi to Run for CAWCD Board
By Asim Ameer


Dr. Arif Kazmi, a well-known community activist and licensed professional engineer, is seeking a new opportunity to serve the people of Arizona with greater diligence and devotion: the long-time Arizona resident has decided to run for the Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board in November 2010.  He promises to bring non-partisan, professional engineering expertise to resolve Arizona's water issues, meaningfully contribute to job creation and help in lowering costs.

Currently, there is no professional engineer on the CAWCD Board. Says Dr Kazmi: "At a time when innovative engineering solutions are becoming more critical in the arid West, Arizona needs the expertise I can offer. I respect the good intentions of the current board members, but we need more professionals to oversee the operations of this important agency.

"There is not a Democrat way or a Republican way of delivering and conserving water. Just the correct professional way, and that's what I will try to bring to the CAWCD."
Dr. Kazmi says that his entering the race for a publicly elected position will not just set an example for the Pakistani-Americans, but will serve as a stimulus for the entire immigrant community of Arizona to get involved in the most significant democratic process of the USA  that most immigrants miss in their original native land. He believes that the majority of the immigrant population is highly educated and is being assimilated with the local population. It is now time for the Pakistani Americans and others to move forward in political ventures. They should use their talent and experience in entering policy and decision-making positions in order to give back, and work to make America more prosperous.

Being the first ever Pakistani and Muslim to run in Arizona, he plans to train a team of political volunteers who in the future may show interest to run for different positions. Once on the Board,  Dr Kazmi will have an oversight on the $4 billion water distribution works of Central Arizona representing 5 million Arizonians. 

Financial contributions are limited per person so as not to exceed $ 410 each.  Anyone who earns legally in the USA can contribute. His contact website is www.ArifKazmi.com.

We urge readers, friends and family members to send contributions. Please check out his web site for remittance details.


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