CDRS Joins the Rescue Effort in Haiti


The Comprehensive Disaster Response Services ( CDRS), dedicated to providing quick, efficient and compassionate medical and humanitarian relief and disaster recovery operations, is currently providing immediate emergency relief in  Haiti as well as continuing its long-term efforts in Pakistan.

Todd Shea, Executive Director of CDRS, is in Haiti and the following is the first in the series of updates he will send from the ground:
 "I landed in Santo Domingo Airport 5 at pm (4 pm Eastern Time Zone) and have been working ever since on the intel collection and distribution phase of my deployment in response to the Earthquake Disaster in Haiti. I am coordinating with Laila Karamally and Dr. Salman Naqvi of SHINE/CDRS, Reverend Daniel of Destiny World Outreach (supports schools and churches in Haiti), Author Ethan Casey (has very strong ties and personal investment in Haiti for two decades), Global Giving (donate to several worthy Haiti Relief projects, NYC Medics (featured on 60 Minutes in 2005 after the Pakistan Earthquake and currently planning to deploy through the Dominican Republic), Alison Thompson and Oscar Gubernati of The Tsunami Center, Dr. Ayesha Mian (for coordination with IMANA), Jim Kushner of The Rotary Club of Inwood in Manhattan and several individual doctors, nurses, health professionals and volunteers, as well as media contacts.
 “I am also in touch with Currently Coordinating initial intel and response in the field with U.S. State Dept (in Washington, DC and The U.S. Embassy in Santa Domingo), Partners In Heath ( Paul Farmer´s Organization), a group of Haitain Americans I´m traveling with who are from the Miami area, The Govt. of The Dominican Republic and Drivers/Operational staff from The Dominican Republic. I will establish contact with personnel from the U.S. Marine Corps and the 82 Airborne tomorrow through Maj. David Andersen (Retired) and The State Dept. to learn of their deployment plans and establish a linkage with the U.S. military´s information systems…
Current Anticipated Strategy
We're trying to establish Supply Lines and deployment of aid volunteers to Haiti via The Dominican Republic in an effort to set up a secondary staging area at Croix De Bouqueis (45 minutes east of Port Au Prince). This effort would work to provide relief goods and healthcare services to those people in the eastern and northern parts of the city and surrounding areas (and those fleeing eastward and northward away from the city). These people would not be able to benefit from the current valiant and deliberate relief efforts, due to the inevitably slow flow of relief goods fanning out from a central but devastated and logistically problematic area, for at least the next 5 days. ( The Airport and Seaport of Port Au Prince are in the most catastrohpically affected areas.)
 ”I have a satellite phone which I will only use for outgoing calls in the event of an emergency or when out of regular contact by other means. I will check and answer email as often as possible. My phone number is 1-829-338-7719. Time will tell how quickly or slowly the communications situation improves on the Haitian side of the border, as well as distribution of relief.
 “ I need a steady supply line of syringes, I/V Fluids and lines, anti-inflammatory pain medication, first line anti-biotics, surgical gloves , alcohol swabs, Q-tips, baby formula, baby wipes, tents, clothes, cash for renting more trucks and purchasing fuel and critical field supplies AND as much water as I can procure.
 “The largest organization and the smallest are all needed in this. No organization can do this on their own, it is an historic catastrophe that is simply too epic and widespread. We can do so much to help The People of Haiti by working together. All of US...
Todd Shea"

  We need your help to support the people of Haiti. Global Giving will be setting up a project page shortly through which you can join in this effort. Alternatively, you may send your donations  to Laila Karamally, CEO of CDRS, at 10 Roseleaf, Irvine CA 92620.

 For questions and clarifications, please contact Laila Karamally at 714-261 1044.


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