Social Issues Impacting Women Debated at New York Meeting
By Komal Choudary

Above and left: Participants in the Women’s Meeting in New York

On June 19th, 2010, a meeting was held in New York to highlight the social issues impacting Pakistani-American women.

The participants in the meeting included Dr. Humaira Iqbal who was also the chief guest of the event, Dr. Maimoon Shaikh, Ms. Fauzia Qureshi, Mrs. Rukhsana Naseer, Ms. Sharukh Khan, and Komal Choudary.

The event was organized and hosted by Asma Shakeel, Pakistan Link’s Director Sales and Marketing East Coast, and Komal Choudary.

The chief guest, Dr. Humaria Iqbal, is the President of APPNA Alliance New York Chapter of 2010. She is a well reputed doctor of New York and specializes in Internal Medicine at the Veterans Hospital, Northport. She is also a part of the internal medicine teaching program at Stony Brook College of Medicine.

An active community member Dr. Iqbal believes in encouraging the youth to strive for a successful future. She has shown great concern for domestic violence in the Pakistani community in the United States. She feels that these issues need to be addressed and the victims of violence provided with help. It was necessary that regular counseling be given to the victims of domestic violence and they are told where assistance and guidance is available.

Dr. Humaira also expressed the importance of health insurance and how it can be availed of by people living in this country. She stated that the main concern of a human being is his/her health: saving one’s life and ensuring a healthy tomorrow is the priority of the government of the United States. Every individual can and should acquire health insurance with the help of necessary research and the desired degree of awareness.

Dr.Maimoona Shaikh works as an anesthesiologist in Texas. She has been in practice for many years. She emphasized the importance of being a part of school activities of one’s children. Your role has a great impact on the child’s academic results and behavioral pattern. Dr. Maimoona takes great pride in being a professional and is extensively involved in the events that take place in her children’s schools. She made some suggestions in regards to what high school students should do before going to college and when is the best time to prepare and take SATs. Dr. Maimoona showed great concern for the proper upbringing of children.

Fauzia Qureshi is actively working in a nursing home. She also plays an important role in the Pakistan League of USA. She strongly believes in helping people and displays great consideration for members of the Pakistani community. She spoke about important factors related to dentistry especially for ensuring the wellbeing of elderly Pakistani men and women who are in need of dental care. Besides, Ms. Qureshi shared some information about legal issues on immigration matters and how people in need could consult with some renowned attorneys in the Pakistani community.

Mrs. Rukhsana Naseer, wife of Mr. Naseer Rana of GEO TV, spoke from a housewife’s perspective. She gave her input about the role of a mother in the upbringing of children.

Mrs. Rana felt that the social issues of women of the Pakistani community deserve more attention and that there is an urgent need to act against violence.

Sharukh Khan is a business woman. She specializes in designer clothing and jewelry. She owns a store called Banaras in the heart of Jackson Heights, New York. Shahrukh’s store happens to be the only Pakistani clothing store in Jackson Heights. She stated that she has been in business with her sister and sister-in-law.

Komal Choudary is a professional makeup artist who specializes in beauty makeup application as well as airbrush makeup application. Komal is the only Pakistani makeup artist to have graduated from a professional makeup school from Hollywood, California. Her instructors are top makeup artists and much respected names in the American Film and Television Industry. Komal mentioned some tips on skin care and basic makeup application.



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