Debunking the Myth of Pakistani "Perverts"
By Riaz Haq

There are many hateful bigots in cyberspace and other biased media outlets constantly pushing various lies about Pakistanis. The latest in this malicious campaign are reports of "sexual perversion" and "obsession with sex" based on false reports about top Google searches in Pakistan. The fact is that such lies emanating from Fox News and picked up by Times of India have been denied by Google, according to Dawn. What is most unfortunate is that many misguided Pakistanis are quick to buy these lies. Some even start spreading these lies by self-righteously blogging about the salacious falsehoods without fact checking, which is relatively easy to do using Google Insights web page.
I just checked for the top 10 Google search terms in Pakistan since 2004 at Google Insights for Search site. Here they are:
1. Pakistan
2. Urdu
3. songs
4. games
5. Karachi
6. news
7. Youtube
8. Google
9. pictures
10. Yahoo
The "rising searches" include the following 10:
1. facebook
2. youtube
3. geo
4. google
5. videos
6. you
7. song
8. jang
9. news
10. games
Conspicuous by its absence is "sex", and related terms, busting the myth being perpetrated here.



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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