Pakistani Americans Launch "Release Aafia, Win Hearts & Minds" Campaign


Washington , DC : The Pakistan American Democratic Forum (PADF), a national grassroots organization, has urged the Pakistani-American community to join its last-resort campaign to seek Dr Aafia's freedom before her scheduled sentencing on August 16. 

During a recent meeting of the PADF Bay Area Chapter held in Chandni on Sat, July 24, the participants unanimously adopted a two-step action plan which is detailed below:

1. Launch a " Free Dr Aafia, Win 180 Million Hearts" campaign urging people to call US Attorney General Eric Holder and PM Gillani urging both to find a diplomatic way out before Aug 16,

2. Work on a contingency plan to continue to raise funds (which shall be managed by Dr Aafia's family) to engage lawyers for appeal, if diplomatic efforts don't work.

Dr. Aafia's sentencing is scheduled for August 16th, and most likely she will be handed a stiff penalty, further souring US-Pak relations.

Releasing her at this time would win 180 million hearts and minds of Pakistanis, something that the US government would not be able to attain by spending $ 1 billion dollars or more.

Even if the charge of attempted murder is true, which most Pakistanis strongly contest, no one was hurt and no irreparable damage was done.

Aafia has already spent seven years in prison and has been separated from her three children, one of whom might be dead. She has lost her mental balance and has suffered enough for the alleged crime. Punishing her any further will not give the US any more security or good will. However, releasing her will achieve both these goals.  

We are asking the community to call the following people to demand the release of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui:

1. Mr. Eric Holder, US Attorney General

2. Mr. Yousuf Raza Gillani, Prime Minister of Pakistan


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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