Dr Ejaz Holds Meeting in Sacramento

Pictures above Glimpses of meeting held by Dr. Ejaz in Sacramento

Pakistan's Acting Consul Gen eral, Dr. Muhammad Khalid Ejaz, recently held a community outreach meeting at the Mehran Restaurant in Sacramento, California.

Over 150 guests that came from all over the Northern California Region were treated to a sumptuous dinner. The event started with recitation of the Holy Quran. Each attendee was then asked to briefly introduce himself. In a speech Dr. Ejaz discussed several matters of interest to the community. He described the policies and procedures pertaining to the issuance of visas to Pakistan. He stated that one of the main reasons for slow work was the security concerns in Pakistan. The speech was followed by a lively question/answer session. One of the request for Dr. Ejaz that was echoed by several in the audience was to reduce the wait time in the Consulate. This event was attended by many prominent community members including Khuda Buksh Bhutto who is the Chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). This meeting was facilitated by the CEO of GEO Insurance, Malik Younis, Sohail Shahzad, Haq Nawaz, and the Bureau Chief of Pakistan Link in Sacramento, Shahid Hussain.




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