Shura Council’s Response to Israeli Attack on Aid Flotilla


Shura Council joins people of all faiths from all over the world and mourns the loss of at least nine humanitarians aboard the Freedom In Solidarity with the Palestinian People. May they rest in peace and may their survivors be granted with much patience and perseverance for their irrevocable loss, says a Council message. It adds: The Shura Council urges the community and our Masajid to take the following immediate actions:

. Dedicate Friday, June 4th as a day to uphold justice by calling for the end to the Israeli blockade of Gaza

• Friday sermons should highlight the suffering of Palestinians and the contributions of international humanitarians to break Israel’s ongoing blockade of Gaza.

• Masajid should encourage their community members to call the White House, State Department (202- 647-5291) and visit their elected officials and apprise them of the plight of people in occupied Palestine and ask them to join the UN Security Council and urge Israel to permanently lift the blockade of Gaza.

• Masajid leadership should meet with local media outlets and ask them to cover the suffering of people in occupied Palestine.

• Community members should call upon Egyptian Embassy and urge them to keep the Rafah border open to alleviate the suffering of people in Gaza.

We ask and urge everyone to remain vigilant toward those who may exploit this tragedy to stoke anger and hatred which are contrary to the values of Islam. We remain committed to working together to seek justice exclusively through lawful and peaceful means.




Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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