APPNA Organizes National HealthCare Day in Chicago
By Dr Mujahid Ghazi

Glimpses from the APPNA National Health Care Day in Chicago

APPNA organized a National Health Care Day on June 5 th in various cities of the US. The purpose of organizing the day was to show compassion for the poor and needy population of the country. In Illinois, APPNA and PPS observed the day at two places: APPNA Community Clinic in Westmont and Islamic Foundation North. A Pakistani delegation of parliamentarians, who came on the inaugural flight of Pakistan International Airlines attended the clinic in Westmont. PIA’s Managing Director Captain Aijaz Haroon and his family were also among those who attended the clinic. According to reliable sources the PIA MD is expecting APPNA to help him in the project of opening a new hospital for PIA employees and general population in Karachi.

At the Islamic Foundation North located in the town of Libertyville excitement was high among APPNA members as more and more physicians from all specialties volunteered for free healthcare screening of the community members. A large number of community members benefited from the screening and appreciated the efforts of APPNA to provide the free services on such a large scale throughout USA.

A number of medical students from Benedictine University also volunteered their services. They measured each participant’s risk profile by monitoring height, weight, body mass index, fasting blood sugars and blood pressure. On a different station volunteer nurses took blood samples for lipid profile. Later on people enjoyed one-on-one discussion with physicians who not only answered their questions for their risk profile but also explained the form of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking and unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

Dr Azhar Kazi and Dr Saquib Ahmed thank the students for their enthusiastic contribution. Dr Mohammad Waseem Kagzi urged the community to get adequate sleep every night. Dr Amin Nadeem and Rashid Nadeem appreciated the contribution of a Chicago based organization “Compassionate Care Network” as it provided the laboratory support free of cost. Dr Umair Sharih encouraged everyone to add exercise to daily routine. Al the end Dr Mansoor Alam, member, APPNA Healthcare Committee thanked the volunteers for their efforts and promised to continue the program for the community from the APPNA platform.

Dr. Imtiaz Arain, Dr. Javed Imam, Dr Zubair, Dr. Kaghzi, Dr. Sajid and Dr Mansoor Alam and others are to be commended for carrying out the task successfully for APPNA’s National Health Care Day. One hopes that nest year APPNA and PPS organize an additional camp near Roger’s Park, where majority of the poor and needy population lives.




Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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