Niswa Fundraiser Demonstrates Community’s Concern for the Underprivileged
By Sofia Subhan
Pictures by Faiz Ahmed

Prominent community members at the Niswa Fundraiser

On Sunday, June 6 th, 2010 a fundraising dinner was organized at the residence of Dr. Faisal and Mrs. Ruquiya Khan. The event was elegantly organized outdoors by Ruquiya Khan and Ghazala Feroz.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Shamim Ibrahim, President of Niswa, recalled the train of events that led to the establishment of Niswa in 1990. Niswa has since admirably served the Muslim community in fulfilling all its social service needs and adequately filling up a void.

Ruksana Mohammed, a Board Member, recalled the multifarious services provided by the organization. Dr. Meher Tabatabai, sponsor of the event, appealed to the audience to donate generously, which she herself and Mr. Qaisar Madad did.

Dr. Ibrahim also recognized Mrs. Amina Adaya as an outstanding supporter of Niswa since 1995. Other Board Members who were present were Farida Barye and Arshia Ghani. The funds raised will go towards completing the Niswa Building Project.




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