Instructional Video on How to Correctly Fill out Census 2010 Form

PAKPAC has developed an instructional video to help in filling out Census 2010 form correctly. Over 130 million households in USA including yours, would have received a Census 2010 envelope last week. You need to fill and return this form by April 1 st . In order to make sure that the form is correctly filled please watch this video before filing out the form.  

The formula for success on the Census is simple: 10:10:10:10.  It takes 10 minutes to watch the video. There are 10 questions, which take 10 minutes to fill out, and which will determine for 10 years whether or not your State, City, or Neighborhood will get its fair share of federal funds.

PAKPAC requests all Pakistani Americans to fully participate and make sure that they and their loved ones are counted. I t is crucial for the Pakistani American community as one of the fastest growing and traditionally undercounted populations to be accurately counted. It will also indicate what is the total count of Pakistani Americans in USA, and in which states, towns they reside in. Anyone in the family can complete the Census form and it is required to have information on all people present in the household on the day the form is filled.

Participation in census is not dependent on your visa or residency status . The census does not ask about your status. (Your information is protected). Please complete the form and include any relatives and friends even if temporarily staying at your address on that day. To make it easier for US residents, Census Bureau have translated many forms and instructions and other information in many languages including Urdu. Read Census form in Urdu.

If you have any questions about 2010 Census please contact or 202-558-6404. Remember, it takes 10 minutes to fill out 10 questions for 10 years' worth of federal dollars. So be sure to fill out your form so your community gets its fair share.

Census Timeline: Key Dates to Remember

March 2010 : United States Postal Service delivers census questionnaires

April 1, 2010 : CENSUS DAY Send your questionnaire back!

May 2010 – July 2010 : Census takers follow up with households that did not return questionnaires

December 31, 2010 : U.S Census Bureau delivers apportionment counts to the president.

For more information about the upcoming count, or to find out about temporary employment as a Census worker, go to www. 2010.Census.Gov.

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