PAKPAC condemns NY attempted bomb plot


Washington , DC: The Pakistani American Public Affairs Committee (PAKPAC) condemns the Times Square attempted bomb plot over the weekend, says a press release. It adds:

We appreciate the efforts of the New York Police Department as well as the FBI and vigilant NY residents in responding to this incident and saving hundreds of lives. PAKPAC is shocked and saddened to learn that the prime suspect is of Pakistani heritage. Though details of the case are still being uncovered and investigations are on going, we denounce this attempted attack on our soil and seek that this individual or any accomplice, to be tried and punished under American Judicial system. Whether this is an act of a lone individual or a group, it harms everyone and benefits no one. As a community, we should have zero tolerance for such acts as they damage and disrupt the way of life of Americans.  

PAKPAC agrees with President Obama's call for all citizens to be vigilant, it may be recalled that it was reporting by a vigilant NY resident that stopped this tragic incident from happening. PAKPAC and Pakistani- Americans are committed to protecting and defending the United States of America. We ask the Pakistani Americans and American Muslims to demonstrate an iron resolve against terrorism and to remain vigilant and continue to report anything that is illegal or suspicious to law enforcement agencies. 

Janet Napolitano , Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, stated on the "Today" show that it was premature to label any person or group as suspect. "Right now, every lead has to be pursued," she said. "I caution against premature decisions one way or the other."  PAKPAC requests  the US law enforcement agencies and American community to safeguard the civil rights of the thousands of law-abiding Pakistani Americans and ensure that there is no backlash against the community, locally in Connecticut or across the nation. Pakistani American community seeks to work together with the Obama Administration and law enforcement agencies, and to provide them with resources to protect the safety of our nation and its citizens.

The US ambassador to Islamabad Anne Patterson held talks with Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on this issue. Mr. Qureshi assured Pakistan's full cooperation to US in this regard. The nation of Pakistan along with its armed forces has given unprecedented sacrifices in US-led war on terrorism. It is estimated that over five thousand Pakistani military and civilians have lost their lives, while Pakistan economy has suffered a loss of $35 billion since the September 11 attack. PAKPAC welcomes the full cooperation offered by the Pakistan Government.

PAKPAC is monitoring this developing situation and will keep you updated periodically.


Executive Director: Irfan Malik     202 558 6404

Connecticut contact: Saud Anwar   202 558 6404



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