PAACT’s Strong Condemnation 


Hartford ( Connecticut): The Pakistani American Association of Connecticut (PAACT) is shocked and saddened to learn that the prime suspect in the NY Times Square attempted car bombing on Saturday is of Pakistani heritage, says a press release. It adds:

We condemn this attempted attack on our soil and ask that this individual, should he be convicted, be punished to the maximum degree.

 We are grateful that our law enforcement agencies and local FBI worked closely in capturing the alleged terrorist in a timely manner. The Pakistani-American community in CT has been partners with the law enforcement agencies and is available and will be accessible to help our agencies in this case as well as in any case to help prevent and identify people with extreme views who are willing to hurt innocent people.

If any member of the Pakistani-American community suspects that another member of the community is planning something illegal, it is our immediate responsibility to report such matters to local enforcement agencies and the FBI.

also requests the larger community not to allow this tragic situation to lead to stereotyping of all people and urges the Law enforcement agencies to protect the civil rights of the thousands of law-abiding people of all the minority communities

 For contact:

Zaheer Sharaf  860 881 6435 President

Syed Raza       860 869 8662


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