PSA Presidents Inducted into COPAA

PSA presidents with COPAA President Adnan Khan (fifth from left)

Years of dedication and effort on the part of COPAA with the PSA students culminated in a wonderful surprise news for the S. California PSA leadership when COPAA President, Mr.Adnan Khan, speaking at the Annual PSA Cultural Show at the USC, announced the following:.
"COPAA is very proud to announce the induction of the most capable and dedicated presidents and vice presidents of the Southern California Pakistani Students' Associations. They have shown leadership and resolve in their efforts to improve the image of Pakistan and Pakistani Americans. They have conducted themselves with the utmost dignity and upheld their responsibilities as engaged citizens of America. We feel proud to take them under our wings and move forward in our endeavors to achieve our mission goals and objectives."
It would pertinent to mention that the COPAA youth project, started several years ago under the presidency of Mr Hamid Malik, was the brainchild of a young UCLA Alumni Omar Malik who passed away a few years ago of a brain tumor. The sad loss was felt by all COPAA board members and the community. Shaista Khan, a COPAA BOD, took the fallen baton and continued to work diligently with the PSA students, understanding the need of developing youth leadership. The work continued throughout the COPAA presidencies of Dr. Razaq and Dr. Farhat Zubair. It was the leadership of Adnan Khan and key COPAA BOD members Ismail Keekeebhai, Anila Ali, and Shaista Khan coupled with the support of the entire COPAA BOD that finally facilitated the induction, thus cementing the bond between COPAA and PSA youth.
The PSA presidents inducted from the various S California Universities include: Saad Ahmed (UCLA); Amina Moheyuddin and Hassan Ahmed (UCI);  Raheel Imtiaz and Maliha Makki (UCR);  Farah Ahmed (UCSD); Nawal Khalid (USC); Soaliha Lakhani and Muzzamil Ayaz (CSUF);  Pakiza Chatha( Cal Poly Pomona).
”We are certain that these young men and women will lead the PSA youth into the 21st century with pride and dignity,” says a COPAA press release.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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