Muslims who have Enriched America
By Professor Nazeer Ahmed

In the current political climate in America, so hostile to Islam and the presence of Muslims here, it is important to inform our fellow Americans about the contributions made by Muslims to American life.

I am collecting data on 100 American Muslims who have made a difference to American life and have enriched this dynamic civilization. These are men and women who have distinguished themselves in the fields of science, engineering, medicine, sports, business, arts, music, literature and public life.

I request our distinguished readers to send me a brief write up about any Muslim that has distinguished himself or herself in this manner.  There are so many Muslims who have contributed so much to America but whose contributions are not known to the general public.

The requirements for a submission are that the write up be very brief, not more than one page in length, preferably a good paragraph. The nominated person must be a citizen of the United States, and his or her contributions should have been for the common good of all Americans, not just of the Muslim community.  Please be very specific about what the contributions were and how they benefited the American public.

The information will be reviewed by a distinguished committee of peers. The accepted leaders and their contributions in brief will be published in the Encyclopedia of Islamic History (

The usefulness of this effort is obvious. Those engaged in interfaith dialogue with other Americans, the young men and women in particular, need this kind of information so that they can reinforce their arguments that Islam is a religion of peace and that Muslims have made noteworthy contributions to American life.

Please send your write-ups to


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