Annual Muslim Day Parade in New York

Glimpses of the Annual Muslim Day Parade

The Muslim Foundation of America, Inc. organized the Annual Muslim Day Parade on September 26, 2010 in Manhattan, New York. The parade was held for the twenty-fifth consecutive year and was a source of pride for all participants with Dr. Shafi Bezar and Mr. Ain-Ul-Haq of Pakistan leading the parade.
The streets of Manhattan presented a colorful look with spirited participants taking part in the lively proceedings. Shabir Gul, Shamim Ur Rehman, Shafqat Tanveer, Maqsood Khan, Tahir Agha, Khan, Agha Shauket Jaffari, Mohammad Razvi, Saeed Akhtar, Abdullah Il Mamoon and Hafiz Majid were the main organizers of the Parade. Masjid Hukam, a Bosnian American Community youth, PACOLI, Muslim Federation of North America, Muslim Alliance of America also took active part in the Parade. Leaders of all prominent organizations and members of the Muslim community were present in large number to make the parade a highly successful event. Christian community’s Reverend J.L. and Jewish community’s Michele Visor were also present on the occasion.
The leaders were unanimous in their urging to the community to stay on one platform and forge unity.
In his speech Imam Shamsi of the Jamaica Center said Allah Almighty had made all humans the same and we are all related to each other, we should help each other in all matters and spheres of life. The speakers repeatedly urged the participants to be good Muslims and to spread the true teachings of Islam in the USA.
Speaking on the occasion, Rabi Michele Visor said that he would like to be the first to visit Park 51-Islamic and Cultural Center. He said he was in favor of Park 51. Reveren J.L too supported the Park 51 scheme.
The streets were colorfully decorated and filled with vendors trying to sell food, clothes, decoration pieces and jewelry. Muslim Police officers wearing hijab were the center of attention. Children carried flags of different countries along with a large number of American flags.
Executive Director of NAIR, Dr.Nihad, in his speech, said, "We are proud as American Muslims and we want to prove that our religion is all about brotherhood and peace. We have to spread the true religion of Islam all over the world ".


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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