Syed Sumsam Ali Bukhari Meets Members of NY Community

Glimpses of the fundraiser organized by the Pakistan Mission and Hafiz Sabir

The Pakistan Mission and Hafiz Sabir organized a fundraiser at Maki Masjid. Mr. Nasir Awan, Mr. Hafiz Sabir, Mr. Shaikh Tauqeer, Mr. Tahir Bhutta and Mr. Aziz Butt were present along with other community members and leading Pakistani businessmen. Syed Sumsam Ali Bukhari (Information Minister Pakistan) was the chief guest on the occasion.

The event began with a recitation from the Holy Qur’an.Hafiz Sabir, Asgar Chaudhry, Malik Nasir and other members were among the speakers. Hafiz Sabir told the community members, “We have collected sixty thousand dollars already in Ramadan and sent them to Pakistan, and now we are collecting warm clothing and other necessary food items and will send them via PIA to Pakistan.” He requested Mr. Sumsam to request PIA to waive the shipment charges so that the relief efforts for the flood victims could continue. He further informed, “We will continue sending aid on a monthly basis till the life of the flood victims is fully restored.” Thousands of bottles of fruit juice, biscuits and food items were collected to be dispatched to Pakistan.

After the speeches, a touching Dua was held for the flood victims at the office of Malik Nasir where snacks were subsequently served.

Mr. Sumsam Ali shed light on the current situation in Pakistan. He suggested sending shipments to a specific person to avoid delay and also to make the process of delivery easier for the airline. He said he was delighted to see Pakistanis who are currently not living in Pakistan actively striving to help the flood victims. Answering a question about passport renewal and reissuing of lost passports to Indian-born Pakistanis, he observed, “There will be no problem, and with a proof of birth, we will issue a passport.”


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