UCR Launches Fundraising Drive
By Temoor Wasim-Khan


University of California , Riverside (UCR) launched a fundraiser/drive for the Pakistani flood victims and orphans thanks to the initiative of the former co-presidents of Pakistani Student Association (PSA): Maliha Makki and Raheel Imtiaz. They originally started the Save Change to Make a Change: Orphan Drive at the University of California, Riverside, which became a great success to help those in need of aid in our beloved country.

As the flood devastation spread, UCR Pakistani Student Association decided to rise to the occasion and worked with rare zest for the cause of the flood victims. It is an ongoing drive, and does not cease to lose its momentum. It amazes everyone as to how much change is being put into the small containers. Every penny helps; whatever an individual can donate could lead to a smile on a child’s face. He or she lacks food, water, and health that we have in plenty here in the United States. The idea behind the drive is really to just distribute coin cans to local businesses, restaurants, masjids, schools, and collect personal change. UCR PSA is working hand in hand with a credible organization, Islamic Relief, for the donations and volunteer work. We welcome all donations, no matter how big or small.

InshAllah, UCR PSA will be holding an Eid Al-Adha banquet on November 13th, 2010 and we will raise funds at the event for the flood victims.

You can contact UCR PSA members to donate or please send all donations to Islamic Relief, or you can donate online through: www.islamicreliefusa.org



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