Chohan Family Hosts Fundraising Luncheon for Congressman Keith Ellison
Pictures by Nasir Rao

Glimpses of the fund-raising luncheon hosted by the Chohan family in honor of Congressman Keith Ellison

On Sunday October 10, 2010 the family of Shaukat Ali Chohan hosted a fund-raising luncheon in honor of Congressman Keith Ellison (D) from Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District. He sits on the Financial Services Committee and the Committee on Foreign Affairs. Most importantly, he has been a proud representative of Islam to Capitol Hill, as well as a strong Muslim leader for our greater community in America and the over 1.3 billion Muslims throughout the world.

The event was held at the Chohan family’s residence in Orange County , California. Over 100 guests were invited.
The host, Shaukat Ali Chohan, welcomed the guests and emphasized the need for Muslims in America to actively get involved in the American political system and the government of the United States. He affirmed that that Muslims in America will stay in America and must embrace America as their home and contribute to its success. Additionally, those who have not become involved with civic affairs must exercise their civic efficacy at the earliest and support the next generation of Muslim-Americans to get involved. In the meantime, we must encourage those who are already in office. It was also mentioned that those communities who have already become involved with the politic system currently enjoy considerable influence.
Later, Muhammad Khan gave awards to Keith Ellison, Imam Abdul Hafiz, and Deputy Sheriff Mike Abdeen for their extraordinary services to our community. After receiving his award, Congressmen Ellison addressed the crowd and was followed by Hamid Malik, who also praised Congressman Ellison. Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi gave the closing remarks and concluded the event with a dua.
All in all, it was a very successful fundraising luncheon and everyone was happy having enjoyed the opportunity to get close to Congressman Ellison and learn about his deep knowledge of Islam and his sincerity to act in the best interest of the American people.



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