Plea for Grant of Temporary Protected Status to Pakistanis

In a letter addressed to US Ambassador Ms. Anne. W. Patterson, Federal Minister Overseas Pakistanis Dr Muhammad Farooq Sattar has stated:

“The recent floods in Pakistan could be seen as classic Black Swan event with negative consequences for the people and State of Pakistan. Nearly 20 million people have been displaced. The toll can be measured in loss of human life, livestock, property and crops; worse will come if disease and hunger take hold. The epic flood that has caused havoc is unprecedented in the history of Pakistan. At this hour of crises the world has mobilized all resources to help and assist people of Pakistan.

“Taking into consideration the magnitude of problem, it is requested that US may on humanitarian basis stop the deportation of Pakistani immigrants, release those currently held in detention centers and pending deportation. There are approximately 50,000 Pakistanis who are under threat of deportation. The Homeland Security may look into the matter from humanitarian aspect and stop the arrest of these deportees and grant them temporary status. Temporary Protected Status as a policy is granted by the US (Homeland Security Department) to eligible nationals of countries that cannot safely return to their country of origin.

“I shall be grateful if you will please take up the issue with the US Homeland Security Department on humanitarian grounds and give relief to the aggrieved Pakistanis.”


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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