SIUT Needs Your Support
By Organizing Committee
SIUT Los Angeles Chapter of Southern California


Dear Friends

As we celebrate the blessed month of Ramadan and are engaged in purifying our spirits, we urge you to give your Fitra, Zakat , Sadakha and charitable gifts to the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT). It is the only Institution in the world which provides state-of-the art services, including, removal of kidney stones, life-long dialysis, kidney transplants, follow-up of transplant patients (with medications) and cancer therapy at NO COST TO THE PATIENT. Last year >650,000 patients were treated absolutely FREE, irrespective of their financial status (rich or poor).

Dr. Adeeb Rizvi established SIUT more than 20 years ago because he felt the pain and sufferings of hundreds of thousands of patients who could not afford to have a decent healthcare. Numerous world-renowned physicians and surgeons from UK and USA have now joined Dr. Rizvi’s mission and are donating their time and efforts to SIUT by performing Reconstructive Surgeries and other difficult procedures free of cost (see brochure).

Life is a gift of God and health is a God-given right that should not be denied to ANY HUMAN BEING

SIUT has therefore opened an emergency clinic in the NWP to help the flood victims and established a new clinic in SUKKHER to take care of the sick and needy

PLEASE GIVE A GIFT OF LIFE BY CONTRIBUTING GENEROUSLY to SIUT. All Gifts and donations to SIUT North America Inc are tax-deductible

Checks and pledges can be mailed to the SIUT Los Angeles Chapter, 2465, E. Orange Grove, Pasadena , CA 91104 OR

SIUT North America Inc. 1, E. Rivercrest Drive Houston , TX 77042 (head office).

May the Everlasting Grace and Blessings of GOD be with you and your family

Organizing Committee, SIUT Los Angeles Chapter of Southern California

Suraiya Rasheed Ph.D, FRCPath; Qaiser Madad, Meher Tabatabai MD; Khalid Ahmed MD, Parveen Ahmed MD; Rafat Khan MS; Chand Sultana Ph.D’Farhana Mohammad PhD; and Ahmed Jafari.


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