Dennis Michaels Gets Support of Rancho Cucamonga Community

Community members express support for Dennis Michaels

On Aug. 29, 2010, the Rancho Cucamonga community welcomed Dennis Michaels at Dr. Talat Khan's residence. Michaels is currently a City Council member who is running for Mayor of Rancho Cucamonga. He has been a fire chief for many years in the past.

Dr. Talat Khan, having supported Michaels all the way from running for City Council to Mayor’s position, introduced him to the community. She emphasized how well qualified and professional the Muslim community of Rancho Cucamonga and LA at large is with majority of youngsters having studied at the best universities and colleges. The community here has been patriotic all through, helping to empower their city with their good work.

Seeing so much Islamophobia developing in this country with hate speeches and mosque-building issues, she requested Mr. Dennis Michaels to stand up against the allegations against the Muslim community. She pointed out that as people of different faiths came together to support the Muslim community of Temecula, so would our Muslim community offer their help anytime to those people who stood beside them in these times.

Dennis Michaels informed the gathering that he had no bone of discrimination in his body for any community. He promised his support to the community without any prejudice or bias.



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